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Re: Amazonsaurus

Andrew McDonald (equinox28@msn.com) wrote:

<Also, what are your opinions as to whether or not Amargasaurus sported a
single, thick cervical sail, two thin, parallel sails, or bare spines. 
Personally, I favor bare spines because the neural spines are conical, not
flattened as in spinosaurines and Ouranosaurus.>

  You may be thinking here of *Amargasaurus,* not *Amazonsaurus.* In
*Amargasaurus,* the spines are slightly cylindrical, truncated rather than
tapering to a point in most cervicals, and in the posterior cervicals
become flattened side to side more than cylindrical. In *Amazonsaurus,*
cervicals are absent in the holotype, and the dorsal and caudal neural
spines do not show bifidy, but a more simple, diplodocid single spine with
simple laminae.

Jaime A. Headden

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