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Re: raul martin gallery update?

Except for the baby, the Allosaurs, and an upward curving tail they're
exactly the same. He even copies the Travelers Palm vegetation element. >>

The "baby" is a tweaked version of Mark Hallett's juvenile
Mamenchisaurus in his famous painting just to set the record straight. The allosaurs are
very familiar, also.

The 2 background allosaurs appear to have long lost identical siblings in another Sibbick painting (the two bringing up the rear behind the sauropod):


The foreground allosaur bears a striking similarity to yet ANOTHER Sibbick painting (where it is attacking the forequarters of a young Diplodocus) - can't find the image on the web but it's on pg 32-33 of Tim Gardom/Angela Milner's "The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs".