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Dinosaur Hunters to Head to Patagonia * Working On The Porsche Of Its Time * Small pseudo-lizards * Dinosaur Junior Found

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

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**  Field Museum hosting 'Sue'' School to study famous dinosaur
Chicago's Field Museum is hosting a school to study one of the most famous
dinosaurs in the world

**  3 Dinosaur Hunters to Head to Patagonia
Three American dinosaur hunters are headed to the bottom of the world to
help unearth dinosaur bones from the remote southern reaches of Argentinean

**  Working On The 'Porsche Of Its Time'
Using all of the information available, palaeontologists must confront the
fossil world reality that the classification of a new fossil species is
subjective and varies among taxonomists

**  Feature Site: Thai Dinosaurs
The Puviang Mountain in Khon Kaen Province has become famous since the
discovery of Dinosaur fossils in 1981 - this was before it became a national
park in 1992


**  Other Fossil news: Ancestral primate discovered
The oldest ancestor of humankind found so far ate beetles, weighed little
more than a box of matches, and lived in China 55 million years ago.

**  Small pseudo-lizards scurried beneath dinosaurs in the West
Some of the mightiest of the dinosaurs trod the earth of what is now western
Colorado, and so did some of their smallest relatives.

**  Now they've found Dinosaur Junior
Bones of another mammoth sauropod have been found in an Australian dinosaur
graveyard - the Winton region of central western Queensland

**  An Invitation to Antarctica
Bill has been successfully collecting fossils in the Antarctic for more than
twenty years, and in 1991, his team discovered the skeleton of a carnivorous
dinosaur on the slopes of Mt. Kirkpatrick, only 650 km from the geographic
south pole, and more than 4,000 meters above sea level.

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