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Re: World record snake caught?

"Joseph E. Forks" wrote:
> >From someone in the know, who is trying to acquire the snake
> for an American Zoo, the snake is nowhere near 49' in length.
> Chalk it up to media hype. When it all comes out in the wash the
> snake will be nearer 25' (still largest in captivity) and closer
> to 350 or 400 lbs.
> This is what I'm hearing from my Indo contacts.
> Regards
> Joe

I'd be surprised if it were even that large (25') - if you have the
longest snake in captivity why construct such an obvious lie?   There
are a number pythons around 20' in small Asian zoos, more often than not
kept in appalling conditions.  They are also sometimes overfed to the
point of obesity to make them look larger (the reticulated python is not
particularly heavily built, unlike anacondas). 

The original story which I read contained a lot of obvious nonsense, and
seemed to state that a python's stomach is in its tail!  They have also
stated that this snake is 150 years old and controlled by magical

Draw your own conclusions  :)

Tony Canning

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> If anything the half tonne weight is on the low side for a snake of such
> length, the constrictors tend to be massive. Should be cautious about this
> until
> verification is presented.
> G Paul