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RE: "Sound of Thunder" Tidbit

Oddly enough I saw a preview for a movie this past week entitled "The
Butterfly Effect"... I am presuming it is not the same movie tho it does
involve time travel. It seemed to be more along the lines of "Frequency"
 in that the lead character goes back in time to change a single event.
This, of course, for plot line action, causes a negative countereffect
which he must then go back in time to fix, etc., etc., etc.

>>> "Craven, David" <David.Craven@bolton.gov.uk> 1/6/2004 1:39:50 AM
>From what I've now read it seems quite a bit has been changed
(assuming I
remember the original story correctly. I may re-read it tonight!). This
always going to be the case to some extent as the original story
going to fill a movie, nor would it actually have much dino action.
It seems the hunter kills a butterfly, then goes back to the future
his actions are destroying the world/mankind so a team a
scientists/specialists have to go back to try and undo his actions.
assuming he goes with them.
Quite how you have "specialists" for such an event is beyond me.

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