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Amazonsaurus maranhensis (Carvalho, Avilla, and Salgado 2003)

Earlier, information was requested on this taxon.  I don't much about 
sauropods, but I'll try to divulge a little from the paper.

Amazonsaurus maranhensis
Carvalho, Avilla, and Salgado (2003)

Amazonsaurus = "For the type-locality which is part of the Brazilian Legal 
Amazon region, plus _sauros_, Greek for lizard, reptile." (Carvalho et al. 
2003, 699) 
A. marahensis = "From the Brazilian state of Maranhao." (Carvalho et al. 2003, 

Mata, Itapecuru-Mirim County, Maranhao State, Brazil.

Itapecuru Formation, Parnaiba Basin, EK (Aptian-Albian).

Diagnosis- Small size; caudal neural spines straight and posteriorly inclined, 
with lateral laminae formed by the spinoprezygapophyseal and 
postzygodiapophyseal laminae which, at least in the anterior ones, bend 
anteriorly in such a way that the anterior surface of the lamina is concave 
while the posterior surface is convex. (Carvalho et al. 2003, 699)

MN 4558-V (dorsal neural spine), UFRJ-DG 58-R/9 (dorsal neural spine), MN 
4559-V (dorsal centrum), MN s/n-V (dorsal centrum), neural spine of anterior 
caudal vertebra (UFRJ-DG 58-R/7), one mid caudal vertebra (MN 4555-V), one 
mid-posterior caudal vertebra (MN 4560-V), one posterior caudal vertebra (MN 
4556-V), one posterior caudal vertebra (UFRJ-DG 58-R/10), four cehvrons 
(UFRJ-DG 58-R/2 through [...] 58-R/5), four more chevrons (MN 4564-V), ilium 
(UFRJ0-DG 58-R/1), partial pubis (MN s/n-V), and three ribs (MN 4562-V).

The citation is-

Carvalho, I., L. Avilla, and L. Salgado (2003). Amazonsaurus maranhensis gen. 
et sp. nov. (Sauropoda, Diplodocoidea) from the Lower Cretaceous 
(Aptian-Albian) of Brazil. Cretaceous Research 24: 697-713.

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