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Re: "Lessons from a Tyrannosaur.."

> "Given multiple explanations for a phenomenon, we scientists prefer the
> simplest."

Even if it's usually the wrong one. Personally, I'd modify Occam's razor

The simplest explanation is usually THE BEST PLACE TO START. Natural
systems are rarely, if ever, simple. Start by trying to prove (or
falsify) the simplest explanations, then move on to more complex
theories - even if you've apparently 'proven' the simple one.

Remember the old wave verses particle debate for light? One group
designed experiments to test whether light was a wave, and managed to
prove that theory. The other group did the same for light as a stream of
particles, and also proved their theory. Just proving a theory does not
necessarily mean that other theories should not be investigated. Until
you can prove just one theory and falsify all others, you haven't really
finished the research.


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