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Re: "Lessons from a Tyrannosaur.."

> The simplest explanation is usually THE BEST PLACE TO START. Natural
> systems are rarely, if ever, simple. Start by trying to prove (or
> falsify) the simplest explanations,

Never try to prove anything in science! It's impossible anyway. Try to
falsify all, then take those that you fail to falsify and (if you think it's
worth it) publish them so that others can try to falsify them.

> Remember the old wave verses particle debate for light? One group
> designed experiments to test whether light was a wave, and managed to
> prove that theory.

They found results that were consistent with that theory. That's everything
but a proof. -- And lo, in the end both theories turned out to be some 70 %
wrong. :-) Today the textbook theory ( = quantum theory) is that both wave
and particle are basically simplifications of what light (or... matter)
really is.