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Origin of flowering plants and their role in the extinction of dinosaurs

Good day!
There are few days left to my botany exam and I was wondering, how the family 
*Archaeofructaceae* changed our view of the origin of Angiospermae. I've read 
something about classifying it closer to Nympheaceae than to Magnoliaceae, 
previously thought to be the most basal group of flowering plants (which means 
that the first angiosperms were probably water (shore) plants, not small bushes 
in the mountains, as previously thought. I'd like to hear some opinions, so 
that I can impress our professor ;o)
Also, are there any signs of herbivore dinos. adaptations to the new diet 
composed of angiosperms (jaws, teeth?). And how could have flowers influenced 
dinosaur populations in the LK? Thanks 1.000times, Vlad
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