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"A sound of thunder" update.

on Dark Horizions, an internet movie site, I read an update on the movie 
version of "a sound of thunder". 

Seems that the story IS getting some pretty big changes.
Which, after re-reading the original story, is probably a good thing.

Looks like the actualy storyline will just START with the original story.  
WHICH is good, considering that the original story take about 5 minutes to 

Where the story leaves off, the plot will invlove the scientists trying to find 
the butterfly(guess it makes it this tiem), and bring it back to the 
cretaceous. The interesting thing is that they are having the future altered 
gradually, and things start to "pop-up" in modern times, monsters, etc...and 
they have little time to find the butterfly& return it before the damage done 
by upsetting time becomes total, and we don't exist...

Could end up being hokey, could end up being pretty cool.

Eric A