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Re: Bug Creek erosion (Re: extinction)

Phil Bigelow wrote:
> Voila,  multiple Ir spikes.

Right on, Phil.
> Curiously, these massive channel deposits are
> right at the top of the Hell Creek Formation (they are probably earliest
> Paleocene in age).

I missed something.  Why is that 'curious', rather than something to be

> No channels of a similar massive scale existed during Hell Creek time, and
> nothing similar existed later in Tullock time.  These were relatively
> high-energy Missouri River-volume river(s) that were suddenly created and
> then existed for a geologically-short time period.

What were their estimated drainage areas, as compared to the D.A. of the

> But you gotta wonder what the hydrologic cycle was like during the
> earliest Paleocene.

Yeah.  I make my day to day living out of the hydrologic cycle, so I've
been interested in that for some time, and wondering about it too.