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Re: extinction

> Dear David, I'm thoroughly enjoying our exchanges on the K-T
> extinctions (which, for the purposes of this list, included the
> dinosaurs). I thank, and compliment, you for being both a congenial
> and well-read debate partner.

Thank you very much.

"I know nothing
Google knows everything"
-- Jan Kaiser

> Those who have read Powell's book can
> only have a false impression of my K-T extinctions research.

Oh, it's long ago that I've read it. I can't remember your name at all. :-)

> "[...] Theory coupling
> greenhouse warming to embryogenesis dysfuntion in global extinctions
> has been developed (McLean, 1988).

Was it already clear in 1991 how ludicrously hot it was at the
Paleocene-Eocene boundary?