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Re: Russell and Dong (1994) typo confuses Nick

--------- Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> An assumption of metacarpal one is correct, as this
> forms a broad flange that underlies the palmar 
> (i.e., ventral) surface of metacarpal two.
>Metacarpal three is also ventrally butressed by the 
> second metacarpal, but not by such an 
> expansive "flange."

However, the phrasing of the character excludes the possibility of it being 
metacarpal II which buttresses metacarpal III, even though that is the case in 
Alxasaurus, it simply is not the character being referred to.  So, I do agree 
with your agreement of my original assumption that it is in fact metacarpal I 
that they are referring to as the underlying mystery metacarpal.  Now if only 
Russell or Dong posted to this list, I'm sure we could get a most resolute 
answer right then and there. ;-)

Nick Gardner
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