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Sue femur length help

Fellow listers,
     I was doing some cross scaling between the Sue and Stan T. rex skeletons, 
when I noticed something odd.  BHI published Sue's femur length as 138 cm, but 
going by the scale bar in Brochu's monograph, it is around 126 cm, which would 
be shorter than Stan's femur length of around 132 cm.  The same goes for the 
tibias, although Sue's non-leg dimensions all come out larger than Stan's.
     I don't have Brochu's memoir in front of me, but I don't think it had a 
published femoral length in the description, which is why I was scaling them 
from the scale bar.  So...has someone personally measured Sue's femur?  Is Sue 
proportionately more stubby-legged than Stan?  Help!  I appreciate any help you 
can offer.

Thank you,


Scott Hartman
Zoology & Physiology
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82070

(307) 742-3799