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RE: Sue femur length help

I'm guessing measurement discrepancies are probably due to how they were
measured (i.e., what landmarks are being used to estimate length). A pretty
common occurrence.


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> Scott Hartman (DinoBoyGraphics@aol.com) wrote:
> <I was doing some cross scaling between the Sue and Stan T. rex skeletons,
> when I noticed something odd.  BHI published Sue's femur length as 138 cm,
> but going by the scale bar in Brochu's monograph, it is around 126 cm,
> which would be shorter than Stan's femur length of around 132 cm.  The
> same goes for the tibias, although Sue's non-leg dimensions all come out
> larger than Stan's.>
>   Brochu's memoir lists the length of the right femur at 132.1cm, and the
> left at 130.8cm, on page 138.
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