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Re: Dromaeosaur questions

I want to thank all people who replied on and off list. In the light of
the evidence you gave (and continue giving) me, I will think carefully about
the asignment of the teeth I mentioned to the dromaeosauridae   s.l. 
Anyway, the reference for the teeth I mentioned is

Perea, D., Ubilla, M. & Rojas, A. (2003): First report of theropods
from the Tacuarembó Formation (late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous), Uruguay.
Alcheringa, 27 (2): 79-83, 3 Abb.; Sydney 

One last question: if I want to write a comment of one of you in an article,
I am supposed to say for example "Mickey Mortimer, pers. com." (even if
a post was addresed to the entire list and not personally to me) and give
the link to DML in the Acknowledgments, or some more else?

Thanks again

Matias Soto