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Re: emu encounters

>I was menaced by an emu in
> the wild several years ago. I was peeling a banana when an extremely
> tall bird approached me, obviously wanting the fruit. I tried to hide
> it behind my back, but it then seemed ready to attack. So I quickly
> gave it the banana which it gulped down in one go. I'm 6 foot 2" and
> this bird towered over me. Luckily it walked back to its 'flock' after
> it was sated. I've never heard of anyone being killed or even injured
> by an emu, but I hadn't realised how obstreperous they could be until
> this incident.

There is an iindonesian bird (forgot it's name ~:-(           )
It looks like an emu an it is said to be able to kill a man with just one

> I've been mobbed by kangaroos as well, but I guess that's too off-topic!

Oh dear, there's somebody up there who doesn't like you

Thomas de Wilde