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Re: extinction (long)

Tommy Tyrberg wrote:
> At 20:13 2004-01-13, you wrote:
> >Tommy Tyrberg wrote:
> >
> > the flux would have been to low for ignition.
> >
> >I don't follow.  Would you elaborate please?
My question wasn't specific enough.  I wasn't asking about trajectory; I
think we're all familiar with orbital mechanics.  I was asking about low
'flux'.  Would you elaborate on flux "too low for ignition"?

> Qualitatively I should think the rate would more
> or less follow an exponential curve. The debris flux and the energy release
> would however almost certainly be to low for ignition after something like
> (I think) one hour (this is a very rough guess).

Why?  Even a single object large enough to reimpact will come back in at
a temperature high enough to set a fire.  Doesn't matter if it happens
after an hour, or after a year. By 'flux', I think you are referring to
an inflow rate of meteorites great enough to establish and maintain
world-wide fires -- but from your phrasing I can't be sure.