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RE: emu history

Unfortunately, in my neck of northern NJ there is very little to no
books about emu, ratites, etc. I suppose I could head into NYC and see
if their library has something but being a single mom with a full-time
job makes doing something like that a bit more difficult. Not
impossible, just more difficult.

I suppose I should clarify my book project. The book I am writing is
going to be for kids and articles, I hope, for places like the AEA who
seem to really be lacking in any information beyond how to farm the
birds. Getting this in-depth about them is just a personal thing I'm
interested in. I highly doubt most 8 year olds would be interested in
learning about the species to this level. I saw a discrepancy in the
dates and was curious about it so I started asking around and figured
this place would be one of the best places to go for possible answers. 

I came to this forum a bit naive about these sorts of things (I knew a
bit but I am an amateur when it comes to this stuff) and interested in
learning. I am sorry if my questions seem a bit basic but this is new to
me and I have a huge learning curve. I chose this forum because the
posts about emu that Google found were most intriguing and informative.
If nothing else, I love to learn new things and so far I've learned a
lot! So, if you could please bear with me and my learning curve, I'd
really appreciate it. =)


"Enjoy Boredom. It's all you've got to look forward to." -- Eeyore

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