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RE: emu encounters

>From what I've read emu are pretty docile unless they think their nests
are being disturbed. I did read one account where a woman who had 5 or 6
on her farm was far from pleased with them, as were the other animals on
the farm, and found them to not be the friendly, docile creatures she'd
heard about. The poor emu ended up being chopped up and made into
various meat products.


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Looks like I'm lucky to have survived my encounter! But I understand  
it's only the cassowary that's known to eviscerate humans. My  
father-in-law was recently approached by one up in far north Queensland

as he was fishing. He slowly packed up and got out of there. The birds  
probably only attack if they perceive a threat to their nest or young.  
It's bad enough being swooped by a nesting magpie!

Peter M