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RE: emu encounters

The males were making the noise? From my limited research I've read that
the females were by far a lot more vocal than the males. Interesting!


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The only experience I've had with emus has been at a
sanctuary for abandoned birds that kept a large flock
of them. The adults were quite happy to stay out of
our way as we walked around in their paddock, while
the young (kept in a seperate enclosure) wouldn't stop
trying to eat the buttons off of my jacket! I suppose
most people are simply not used to being approached by
large birds, especially those who don't seem to fear
you or think it improper to shove you around a little.
The ostrich kept at this sanctuary was an entirely
different story, the owner urged us to stay a good
distance even from the fence, due to its habit of
biting and charging.

One thing I found very interesting about the birds is
their ability to communicate by producing a low
drumming sound in their chest cavities. The males tend
to do that the most. Perhaps a method of vocalization
for large-bodied therizinosaurs? Fun to speculate.