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Re: extinction

Response to part of Phil Bigelow's Wed, 14 Jan 2004 02:30:52 post (I'll get to the remainder in later posts).

Hi Phil, you asked:

"Can carbon soot produced from a point source cross the equator and deposit itself in the opposite hemisphere? From what I have read, soot tends to stay within the hemisphere that produced the soot."

Here is what I know so far. Particulates (organic matter, black [soot] carbon, and inorganic materials such as potassium carbonate and silica) smaller than 10 microns from high energy boreal fires (starting from 55 to 60 degrees north latitude) can cross the tropopause into the stratosphere where they remain for a year, or less. During that time, they are distributed from 50 degrees north latitude to 50 degrees south latitude.

The particulates are measured by satellites looking back at the earth.

Dewey McLean