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Help needed on building huge scale models of dinos

Can someone answer this gentleman's question?

Please respond to  Dubi@hdsnet.hu , NOT to me.


"I'm a representer of a company that want's to establish a dinosaur park.
  The park will include a dinosaur trail and Big models of Dinosaur scale
1/1 or 1/2 or 1/5 scattered all along the trail.   Additional to that it
will include a center with audio and video films and
information about dinosaur, souvenir shop etc. Could you help me by
telling me if you know any manufacturer whom create big scale dinosaurs
or if you can recommend me on a company or companies that deals with this
scale of models.   I'll appreciate it very much if you will return me an
E-mail with the information that you can.   Thank you in advanced for
your help.

David  Kroneneberg
Architect and Project Manager
A N G E L    G R O U P     LTD"

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