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Re: emu history

> >Would you not mean when Gondwana seperated from Africa? What does it
> >matter to the ostrich when Australia seperated from Antartica, unless
> >saying they flew to Africa 45 million years ago.
> That is actually a possibility given some views on ostrich relationships;
> Ostriches may have actually evolved in Eurasia according to some, and I
> gather Cooper favoured this in his 2001 paper.

That paper advances the idea that ostriches were delivered by India to
Eurasia when it docked the latter around the Paleocene-Eocene boundary.

> Bear in mind that we don't know anything about the ratite fauna of
> pre-glacial Antarctica.

Isn't there some find from Seymour Island or so? Or was it just a footprint?
(But IIRC it can't be identified beyond "ratite".)