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Hypsilophodon foxii & wielandi

Hi everybody,
As usual, my question involves the inspiration for species names.
The first is _Hypsilophodon foxii_ (two i's, right?) I assume the name honors Reverend William Fox, who discovered the first known fossilized material of _Hypsilophodon_,
Now the second was a little trickier, _Hypsilophodon wielandi_. Searching on Google brought up a hundred pages concerning some creationist author named Carl Wieland (I'm sure this is not the right person.) Further research brought up a fellow by the name of Dr. G. R. Wieland (the site attributed some marine reptiles of South Dakota, the same location as H. wielandi, to him.) Am I right in assuming Dr. Wieland discovered its remains, and Galton & Jensen (in 1979) honored him for it?
One more question: _H. wielandi_'s assignment to _Hypsilophodon_ seems tenative (down right disputed.) Has it been removed? Or is it currently allocated as a species of _Hypsilophodon_?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Tommy Bradley :-)

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