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Questioning the Validity of Hypsirophus discurus

I hope my frequent e-mails aren't bothering anyone, but, I have another question. I know that some of the material of _Hypsirophus discurus_ is now referred to _Allosaurus fragilis_, and that some other species of _Hypsirophus_ have been made synonyms with species of _Stegosaurus_.
Well, is _Hypsirophus discurus_ completely synonymied with _Stegosaurus_? Or is the meager material (2 dorsal vertebrae, caudal neural arch fragment) still retained under the name _Hypsirophus_?

The simple version of this question would be thus: _Hypsirophus_ = _Stegosaurus_ right?

And if _Hypsirophus is still retained, then can anybody clue me into the meaning of the species name, _discurus? I know there is a Parrot with the same species name, and I think it means "Racquet-tail" but I would appreciate some confirmation.
Thanks in advance,
Tommy Bradley

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