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Dinosaur Fossils Found In Amazon * Fossil Embryos Delight * No Easy Thing * Woman Who Discovered T-Rex Sue Sues Hotel * Father of Paleo Art

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**  Dinosaur fossils found in Amazon
The Federal University in Rio de Janeiro said its researchers found the
remains of a new species of dinosaur, estimated to be 100 million years old.

**  Fossil embryos delight scientists
UK and Chinese researchers have linked a fossil embryo to a particular
animal species for the very first time

**  Will Visitors Dig Science City's Dinosaur Lab?
"The significance of this for us is to enhance science programming by using
actual fossil records and actual artifacts"  SEE THE VIDEO

**  Feature Site: Dinosaur Data Files
These dinosaur data files have been designed so that they can be printed out
and photocopied for educational use in the classroom, at home or in the
Natural History Museum itself


**  Bringing back the dinosaurs is not an easy thing to do
With a carload of dinosaur bones, models and a wild imagination, Blasing
takes his visitors on a prehistoric journey through the lives of dinosaurs
and other animals that lived in Texas millions of years ago

**  Museum to exhibit dinosaurs and crime
The Australian Museum in Sydney is lending the More Than Dinosaurs
exhibition which shows how evolution and extinctions have shaped life on

**  Woman Who Discovered T-Rex Sue Sues Hotel Over Rare Conch Pearls
The suit said Susan Hendrickson, who discovered the dinosaur now known as
Tyrannosaurus Sue in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1990, never received
the package of pearls shipped to her while she stayed at the Baymont Inn and
Suites near the Miami International Airport

**  Swimming reptile fossil examined
The bones of the pliosaur, a reptilian equivalent of the killer whale, were
excavated in 1967 outside Bogota and represented an entirely new species
previously unkown to scientists

**  Expert in the "Field" to Speak About " A T. rex Named Sue "
Dr. Darin Croft, assistant professor of anatomy at Case Western Reserve
University, Cleveland, and research associate at the both the Cleveland
Museum of Natural History and The Field Museum, Chicago, will be at the Mesa
Southwest Museum for three days

**  Paintings by " Father of Paleo Art " on Display Knight's art exhibited
on 50th anniversary of his death

**  Two Triceratops for the Price of One
At the end of the Cretaceous Period there existed a plant-eater that was
more than a match for T.rex, the Maximum Triceratops

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