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Re: The "Monster von Minden" leaves its traces

Excuse my sarcasm, but if this is a footprint of the "Monster von Minden"
than it's a "Mönsterchen" (as we 
say in German) rather than a monster. Don't know how they get the estimate
of 13 m from a 35 cm 
footprint; in the 12.5 m skeleton of Sue, the third pedal digit alone
measures 65 cm, and that is without 
taking the distal end of the metatarsal or soft tissues into consideration
(Measurements from Brochu 
2003). Sounds like a typical Media exaggeration to me... (come to think of
it, my footprint measures more 
than 30 cm (though that includes the metatarsals, of course), but despite
being somewhat overweight, I 
am far from 3 tons)
Anyway, nice to see that new dinosaur evidence is still coming to light in
central Europe! These finds are 
interesting enough in their own right and do not need the exaggeration of
the media! And, of course, Mr. 
Brandhorst is to be complimented not only for finding this specimen, but
also for bringing it to the attention 
of a museum!
Well, my 2 cents (Euro cents, that is) worth...

> Hello!
> First of all please excuse my bad English...
> Today the local press here in Halle/NRW, northwest Germany, reported
> about the find of a large theropod trace fossil made by a hobby
> paleontoligst
> between Bad Oeynhausen and Hille in the Wiehengebirge (where already the
> "Monster von Minden" was found).
> Dr. Peter Lanser from the Westfälisches Museum für Naturkunde in Münster
> said the 35 cm measuring, about 140 Mio years old (Malm) trace most likely
> belongs to an allosaurid of about 13 m length and 3.5 tons weight.
> Unfortunately I could not find the article on the internet, so I scanned
> it
> >from the newspaper and put it on my website. The article is in German but
> there is also a foto of the trace and its finder, Mr. Wilhelm Brandhorst:
> http://people.freenet.de/grayb/trace.jpg      (190 KB)
> Best regards, Juergen Peters
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
>    Juergen Peters, FidoNet 2:2432/344
>       Borgholzhausen, Germany
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Dr. Oliver Rauhut
Institut für Paläontologie
Museum für Naturkunde
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin

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