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RE: Amazonsaurus maranhensis (Carvalho, Avilla, and Salgado 2003)

Somebody on this list asked how long this sauropod was, and I was curious too, since the paper is not so helpful in this regard. The following story offers an estimate of 10m long for _Amazonsaurus_, and a weight of only 10 tons:


The article also says that _Amazonsaurus_ belongs to the "Diplodocus family". True, Carvalho et al. (2003) assign _Amazonsaurus_ to the Diplodocoidea, but they avoid placing it in any particular family. Mustn't quibble...

BTW, Carvalho et al. (2003) mention that the South African sauropod _Algoasaurus_ might also be a diplodocoid (rebbachisaurid), and mention a paper in press.


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