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Re: extinction

Response to James Cunninghams's post of Fri, 16 Jan 2004 14:55:14.

Dear Phil and Jim: Are you aware of the Early Tertiary marine transgression?

For Jim: Can you please provide hard evidences from the K-T geobiological record of major catastrophic flooding?

Re a K-T lag deposit, have you ever studied the geological record of deep-sea hiatuses? If so, can you please cite some references?

Dewey McLean


Phil Bigelow wrote:

 To claim that the K-T boundary clay is everywhere a lag deposit is
 analogous to claiming that there was a world-wide catastrophic flood.
 (and we don't want to go there).

Why not go there?.  Major catastrophic flooding (though not as a single
event) could be expected to continue for quite some time after the
event.  Note that I'm not implying that the boundary clay is everywehre
a lag deposit; I'm adressing a somewhat different issue.