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Re: extinction

"Dewey M. McLean" <dmclean@vt.edu> writes:

> Here is what I said in my "K-T transition 
> greenhouse and embryogenesis dysfunction in the dinosaurian 
> extinctions" (1995) paper:
> During K-T 
> transition 
> time, convergence of several phenomena (marine transgression, 
> reduced 
> photosynthesis of terrestrial and marine floras, reduced weathering 
> rates, K-T boundary eruption of 90 percent of the Deccan Traps 
> lavas, 
> and possible K-T asteroid/comet impact)

Excuse me??  What do you mean when you write (in 1995), "Possible"

> produced a major 
> carbon-cycle 
> perturbation that altered the solar-earth-space flow rate, and thus 
> the state of the biosphere. The latter change was manifested in K-T 
> transition biological turnover, or mass extinctions."

With such a combobulation of proposed causes of K-T extinctions, what
then can we say about *anything* during the K-T transition?  How do we
separate the wheat from the chaf?  There is also Bakker's "Dino-virus
Theory", and the "Coronal Mass Ejection Theory" and the "Super Nova
Theory".  If you're lumping, then in fairness, these should also be
included in your combo-cause-theory.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of falsifying (or supporting) each theory
independently, but I get a headache (and I usually give up and go home to
bed) when I have to multi-task a "Multiple-Theory-Theory" for the K-T
mass extinction.  You need to know that  I lost all of my higher-level
brain cells shortly after SuperTramp started recording.

Natural systems are, by Nature, complex.  But that doesn't mean we have
to autopsy them as though their components are interrelated.  It's better
to pick them apart, one component at a time.  The alternative is to have
the issue remain forever unresolved due to it's inherent "complexity". 
Perhaps that is how some entrenched researchers want it to remain? (I'm
just askin' in a generic sense; no personal inferrences should be made).


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