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Re: extinction

"Dewey M. McLean" <dmclean@vt.edu> writes:

> First, please allow me to correct your: "since you seem to believe 
> that multiple iridium layers *always* means multiple iridium 
> events." 
> Here is my response to David Marjanovic on Thu, 08 Jan 2004 
> 11:09:01:

> "I prefer to think of individual spikes in place. 

Then that is not a "correction".  You are actually agreeing with my
interpretation of your views.  ;-)

> The record demonstrates that I stated my opinion 10 days ago.

The timing of these published opinions matters little to me (I also don't
care who first published them).  It's more important that they are
published!  ;-)

> You stated: "it makes no difference to me what the opinions of the 
> various authors were."

> In fact, one of the authors of the "Sequence 
> stratigraphic setting of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in central 
> Alabama Bragg, Alabama" paper--that I have referenced several times 
> as having three iridium spikes--is the world-renowned Peter Vail, 
> the 
> father of sequence stratigraphy.

"Milton Krogman, the foremost expert on the human skeleton in foresic
science".  (Sorry, I couldn't resist!  This is an inside joke from Usenet
that only a mercifully few list members will understand.  But I digress).

To *describe* a section of strata doesn't not necessarily mean that the
describer *understands* what he is describing! ;-)  Keep in mind that,
prior to the discovery of the K-T iridium layer, stratigraphers didn't
have ANY experience working with world-wide chron-layers.  This means
that, prior to Alvarez et al.'s first paper, Dr. Vail had no experience
with the subject.  This is not an indictment of Vail, it's just a

I should point out that A. S. Romer, father of modern vertebrate
paleontology, has had more than a few of his own ideas disproven over the
years.  Possessing name recognition doesn't mean that one is not
vulnerable to having one's ideas falsified.

> Incidentally, two of my former graduate students worked with members 
> of the Vail team while they were at Exxon.

I think I will let my participation in this thread die a merciful death. 
My view of the K-T debate is that it shouldn't be about individual
personalities, nor should it rely on name-dropping for support.  Instead,
it should be about the science.


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