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Lets count! 1
Mr Marjanovic wrote:
'The darkening and cooling would
have resulted not so much from dust (newer simulations have shown that there
wouldn't be very much dust), but from nitrogen dioxide and from soot, which
resulted from more or less global wildfires (the NO2 also from the impact
itself), as well as from sulfuric acid aerosols which resulted from the SO2
which in turn resulted from the impact in anhydrite = almost waterless
gypsum = calcium sulfate. In addition to the darkness and the fires, lots of
incredibly acidic rain are supposed to have fallen (because of the NO2, SO2
and CO2), evidence for ludicrously big tsunami has been found (as you'll
find in the archives;'

NO2 from impact:
If the diameter of the extraterestrial object was 10 km then the
cross-section was around 80 km2. If the total quantity of the air of the
way of the extraterestrial object converted to NO2 then around 0.16 ppm
(160 ppb) of the total air of  Earth became to NO2. 

This is a very little concentration. In the air of a  tipical city can find
much more therefore this isn't cause extinction or acidic rain around the

Endre Simonyi