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Re: extinction

David Marjanovic wrote:
> > ..... If you
> > make weather conditions unsuitable for soaring flight for about 3 weeks,
> > you'll do away with all pterosaurs forever.
> Does this include the anurognathids? :-)

Perhaps not.  But then they ain't late-Cretaceous and they ain't big,
and that's what we  were talking about.  Tell me the aspect ratio of an
anurognathid, and I'll express a stronger opinion.  :-))

As an aside, I wouldn't be at all surprised if avian competition did do
in the small pterosaurs.  It just couldn't do in the big ones.  The
trend would likely have run in the other direction at the large sizes.

> > ....... Chixulub impactor affected
> > the atmosphere long enough to do exactly that.
> That's almost inevitable when a 10-km rock comes down.

That's my way of thinking too.

> > How do we use taxa with a better fossil record to decide ....
> Oh no, to decide how catastrophic the mass extinction was in total. :-)

I was teasing you.  I never could resist a good straight line....