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Re: extinction

> > Does this include the anurognathids? :-)

(Moot question because other effects of the impact, such as the shortage of
insects, could still have done them in.)

> Perhaps not.  But then they ain't late-Cretaceous

I've already done the name-dropping... anurognathids have a very poor fossil
record, so far they've _only_ showed up in the best sites (Karatau,
Ningcheng, Solnhofen and Liaoning), so their absence from the LK fossil
record, for which sites of Messel quality are unknown, may not mean much.

> and they ain't big,
> and that's what we  were talking about.  Tell me the aspect ratio of an
> anurognathid, and I'll express a stronger opinion.  :-))

:-) That was pretty large, though. They've been compared to swifts.
(Swift-like birds haven't been found in Mesozoic strata so far...)

> I was teasing you.

:-) Thought as much.