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Re: extinction

David Marjanovic wrote:

> (Moot question because other effects of the impact, such as the shortage of 
> insects, could still have done them in.)

True.  But since are generally taken as being short-tailed ramphorynchs,
would it be likely that they were still around?  Note that I have no
real opinion about whether they were or not.
> Tell me the aspect ratio of an
> > anurognathid, and I'll express a stronger opinion.  :-))
> :-) That was pretty large, though. They've been compared to swifts.
> (Swift-like birds haven't been found in Mesozoic strata so far...)

Well, I think in terms of swifts being relatively low aspect ratio, at
least as far as soarers go. So, if that is indeed the approximate range
of their aspect ratio, they might likely have been continuous flappers. 
They may have been small enough to get away with that. I doubt though,
that they would have been as maneuverable as a swift-like bird, and it
is possible that birds may have eventually outcompeted them.  Whereupon,
I've just said a whole lot more than can be supported by the fossil