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Re: extinction

"Dewey M. McLean" <dmclean@vt.edu> writes:
> Response to Phil Bigelow's post of Sun, 18 Jan 2004 12:39:34.

> For you to state that [Peter] Vail does not understand how to do 
> stratigraphy 
> is a disgusting insult to a forefront creative, accomplished, 
> revered, and honored, scientist who has done much for the science of 
> geology.

I never wrote that Vail "doesn't know how to do stratigraphy".

I said that, prior to the discovery of a world-wide K-T chron layer (by
Alvarez et al.), no one had any experience studying such things.

Prior to Alvarez et al.'s discovery, how many world-wide, thin,
isochronous, combined marine-terrestrial layers had Peter Vail worked on?
(and, no, this question isn't rhetorical.  I'm expecting an answer this

> Phil, a simplistic recitation on your part that you _believe_ that 
> the K-T has only one "real" spike that has been reworked is not good 
> enough.

I agree.

> You must back up your contention with hard data from the K-T 
> transition geobiological record. Until you do that, your _belief_ 
> cannot be seriously considered as a meaningful contribution to K-T 
> science.

It works both ways, Dewey.  The "multiple-event" supporters must show
that a given stratigraphic section that contains multiple iridium spikes
wasn't re-deposited through slumping, overturning, wet-shearing,
knapping, or redeposition via currents.  They must also show that a
smeared-out iridium "zone" wasn't created by bioturbation or by turbidity

Also keep in mind that redeposition isn't my idea.  Some of your peers
(some of which are *very* good stratigraphers) have made that claim.  I
just happen to agree with them.

And please don't mis-represent my posts again.


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