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Geologist Excavates Giant Dinosaur * Back From Second Icy Expedition * Planet Patagonia * Making Room For a New Guest

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**  Linwood geologist excavates giant dinosaur
It may be a dinosaur for the record books, perhaps the biggest that ever
walked the Earth

**  Las Vegas Natural History Museum has some staying power
In the wake of "The Tiniest Giants" departure, the museum was given the
exhibit's life-size aluminium sculpture of an Argentinosaurus and a
colourful collection of dinosaur eggs and hatchlings

**  Fossil presentation: "The Fossils of Florissant"
A free slide presentation by Herb Meyer, author and palaeontologist for
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, will be at 7 p.m. in the
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Hall


**  Professor back from second icy expedition
Kihm and nine fellow scientists hoped to explore Vega Island, a fossil-rich
site where they knew two partial plesiosaur skeletons could be found

**  Children's Museum makes room for new guest
Bucky," the first juvenile T. rex fossil at The Children's Museum, was
uncrated Monday morning, the first step in a process that will see him
prepared for an exhibit that will open in June

**  Feature Site:  Planet Patagonia
Planet Patagonia is the exhibition of 1:1 replica dinosaur fossils found in
the region of Patagonia, which lies between the countries of Argentina and
Chile in South America

**  Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight
The recent discovery of spectacular fossils from China provides exciting new
evidence concerning the on-going debate about the relationships of dinosaurs
and birds and the origin of flight

**  Digging in Patagonia: Montanans fight elements in dinosaur hunt
Nate Murphy never expected his dinosaur-digging expedition to the extreme
south of Argentina to be a walk in the park, but he wasn't counting on quite
so many difficulties, either

**  Ancient Giants - is the first workshop in a K-12 professional
development series entitled "Reptiles Past and Present"

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