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Re: extinction

Response to Jaime Headden's post of Tue, 20 Jan 2004 12:59:16.

Jaime wrote:

"from what I just read in Phil Bigelow's posting, this is not
at all what he said, as the statement quoted ignores two important
qualifications, including the argument on "world-wide chron layers," and
the nature and reality of the K/T Ir layer, aspects that alter the meaning
of the quoted section."

Dear Jaime, let's have a gentlemans' agreement to agree that we disagree on how to interpret Bigelow's statement.

For your:

"The idea of bio and geochrons is a relatively new one, and many
people have either been integral to understanding them, identifying them,
and utilizing them."

In fact--if I recall correctly, and someone please correct me if I do not--the dual time-rock classification was originated by Schenck and Muller some 60 years ago.

While at Stanford, I studied stratigraphy with Muller, and he was on my Ph.D. committee.

The website "Commentary: Useage of Stratigraphic Terminology in Papers, Illustrations, and Talks" at http://www.agiweb.org/nacsn/JSP_commentary.htm cites Schenck and Muller.

Dewey McLean