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Re: extinction

"Dewey M. McLean" <dmclean@vt.edu> writes:
> Response to Phil Bigelow's post of Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:27:17.
> Phil wrote,

> Prior to Alvarez et al.'s discovery, how many world-wide, thin,
> isochronous, combined marine-terrestrial layers had Peter Vail 
> worked on?
> (and, no, this question isn't rhetorical.  I'm expecting an answer 
> this
> time)."
> Dear Phil,
> There is no thin, single, isochronous, impact-related iridium layer 
> around the world.

Dewey, you are a master at deflecting questions that you don't want to
answer.  You know what I meant.  Answer the question.  Prior to Alvarez
et al.'s discovery of the layer ("zone" or whatever you want to call the
iridium anomaly), how many similar layers had Peter Vail *previously*
worked on?

The question is a legit one, because it relates to your misinterpretation
of my earlier comment that no one (Big Names included) had any experience
working on such a layer.


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