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Re: Large last gasp of pterosaurs

David Marjanovic wrote:
> > There is no direct evidence of bad flying weather.
> Either we have next to no idea at all about what happens when a mountain
> falls from the sky. Or the impact produced lots of bad flying weather.

Being that I make my living working with storm drainage, flooding,
erosion and such, I vote for the latter.  Course, doing it
professionally doesn't mean I'm proficient at it.  When it comes to
piloting though, I'm just a non-professional -- but I do have a fair
idea of when to stay on the ground.

> Yes, it was off. Not all that far, but... give me crutches that lengthen my
> arms by just some 30, 40 cm, and a webcam, and you'll see me gallop
> elegantly (assuming that my legs aren't still too long, so that I'd step on
> the crutches). I've seen an animation of a pterosaur walking _fast_ and very
> smoothly in a track found in Crayssac. For a step or two it seems to be
> galloping.

I've mentioned publicly before that I think quetz was likely capable of
a lope or canter.  I'm not sure about a full gallop, but wouldn't say it
was impossible yet.  But, consider -- when you've got arms and legs
almost twice as long as a horse, even a lope will move you right out.