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Re: Large last gasp of pterosaurs

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Subject: Re: Large last gasp of pterosaurs

> I like Mr. Cunningham's point. I would just like to add that given that
> pterosaurs were apperantly quadrupedal and many of them would probably
> had a bird like metabolism, being trapped on the ground for even a few
> could wipe out a species (especially if there were other pressures).
> Think of the advantage the heavily insolated running bird has in hunting
> the ground compared to a pterosaurs delicate quadrupedal movement.
> Has anyone considered that the smaller type of Quetzalcoatlus may be
> evidence of sexual dimorphosism?
> I can think of a number of arguments for this.

Yes, see Bennett, S. C. 1992.  Sexual dimorphism of Pteranodon and other
pterosaurs, with comments on cranial crests. Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology, 12:422-434.


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