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Re: "Yale settles debate: Birds are dinosaurs"

> > At 10:51 AM 1/23/2004, Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> >I notice from the San Diego web site that the new exhibit opening out
> > there (which we will be getting in Toronto next year) seems to be
> > the maybe-raptors-aren't-dinosaurs-either argument.  Not surprising, as
> > Steven Czerkas seems to be deeply involved.
> >

It shouldn't matter if anyone calls the dromaeosaurids birds,since by modern
classification,birds ARE dinosaurs.The common usage of the word "bird"could
be applied to anything with such a covering of
feathers,(Microraptor,Sinornithosaurus,oviraptorsaurs like Caudipteryx).I
would never call someone's pet parakeet a dinosaur for the same reason I
wouldn't refer to any other animal by the name of it's ancestors,"My what a
cute theropod dinosaur descendant you have in that cage,what's it's name?"
John Bridgman