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Re: "Yale settles debate: Birds are dinosaurs"

The tongue-in-cheek subject header made me laugh.  A few years ago, I was
in a sporting goods store and the owner had Rush Limbaugh's radio show
playing in the background.  Rush was talking about the myth of global
warming.  A caller told Rush, "you know, if we could take a poll of all
of the power plant owners in this country, I'll bet that they would agree
with you that global warming doesn't exist.  Since they are experts too,
that should mean *something*, don't you think?"  The radio host then
complimented the caller on his insight and logic.

I am reminded of the following quote:
"Science does not emerge from voting, party politics, or public debate."
- Author unknown

On to the second topic: staying on a sinking ship.
Unfortunately, ego can be a stronger emotion than scientific curiosity. 
I have often wondered if the *mortality* of scientists has done more good
for Science than is commonly believed! ;-)  Scientific debates are often
single-generational, less commonly multi-generational.  Once the major
participants in the debate pass on, nothing is left for the survivors to
debate except the evidence, because "personality" is no longer an issue. 
Assuming that the two major opponents of B.A.D. get plenty of exercise,
take their vitamins and stay healthy, then I'll give the Bird-Dinosaur
squabble another 20 years of longevity and after that it'll be a
non-issue forever.


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