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Re: "Yale settles debate: Birds are dinosaurs"

Well... I guess you can call it a good thing that Feduccia and the gang haven't 
said a single thing in reply... but I wouldn't discount the possibility that 
they weren't even asked to begin with.

And on a stronger note... The politics where a hypothesis is quoted as being a 
known fact because of cladistics makes my blood boil, and I'm sure I'm not 
alone. If I could be so bold... This article really is a good in-your-face 
example of dogma. There really is no hard evidence that says without a shadow 
of a doubt that the flight style mechanism of the avian hand evolved for prey 
grasping,... yet more often than not, it is treated as such. Logic points 
toward arboreal activity as being just as likely a possibility, and some see it 
as being even more so.

But in the end, I have to express the same opinion as some of you already have 
by saying that I truly have no idea why anyone even bothered to write the 
article. Without the intention of upsetting anyone, I'm lead to believe that 
the article is just some sort of bragging rights based on position and 
authority as a means to make the claim that opinions are facts.

And that's all I have to say about that.