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Re: Long, long last gasp.

John Bois wrote:
> Or, are the skies and ground perturbed globally in such a way that birds 
> survive and 
> pterosaurs don't.

It would seem so, re the skies.  Weather that will result in the death
of an albatross or pterosaur won't faze a pigeon.

> I was thinking that a bird's wings present an invisible profile when not
> in use.  A pterosaurs wing has bits sticking out.  Is this true?

Not as true as one might think.  The wingfinger is folded up inside the
elbow and doesn't stick out.  The outer phalanges can hug the sides and
back fairly closely (whether capable of active flexure or not).  There
really aren't all that many loose bits fluttering about.  It is true
that they do not become totally invisible as with a bird.