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Re: extinction5

Simonyi wrote:

> The energy of the extraterestrial object is

discussion snipped

>(deformation, cracking) and the remaind part of energy
> will be heat and from the heat will take off chemical reactions. This cause
> a smaller temperature, too.
> Summerized this: The collision don't produce a fireball, a plasma with
> 10,000 centigrades or same. The real temperature will be much, much more less.

Some calculations indicate that the impactor delivered a respectable
amount of energy that can be visualized approximately as follows.  The
Soviet Union manufactured the largest hydrogen bombs ever built.  If you
take 7 of these largest of the fusion bombs and strap them into a
bundle, then place duplicates of these bundles of 7 approximately 8
kilometers apart (4.75 miles for us illiterate types), all over the
surface of the earth (land and sea alike), then detonate them
simultaneously, that can be taken as a visual indicator of the amount of
energy delivered by the impactor.  It is enough energy to create a
fireball, and I'm grateful that the actual impact energy was
concentrated rather than dispersed in this manner.  And that much of the
energy was released immediately back into space rather than being
absorbed by the planet.