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Re: extinction5

> This is impossible.  It can't possibly be less than escape velocity, 11
> km/s, minus the rotational velocity of the Earth. 5 km/s is half that
> minimal velocity, which puts you more than a factor of four low.

Considering the shape of the crater, it must have been something _plus_ the
rotational velocity of the Earth. But why can't it be slower than the escape

> Given that your specific gravity is a factor of two or more low,

So much?

> you're an order of magnitude off in
> your energy density calculation.

OK. Then make this _1.048*10e26_ Hiroshima bombs per square kilometer at
ground zero (or 1.048 trillion such nukes per square millimeter... oh man!!!
:-P ). (The e24 that I wrote in my last mail were a typo -- should have been