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DML virus

some of you out there have a virus that you are spreading. It is sent directly 
to other list members. From the IT folks here:
Caution―An infected email can come from addresses you recognize and may contain 
the following information: 
From: randomly generated (spoofed) 
Subject: randomly generated
Body: randomly generated―examples:
"The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as 
a binary attachment. The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent 
as a binary attachment." or "Mail transaction failed. Partial message is 
Attachment: randomly generated
The icon used by the file tries to make it appear as if the attachment is a 
text file. The attachment type varies [.exe, .pif, .cmd, .scr]―often arrives in 
a ZIP archive. (filesize = 22,528 bytes)


NPR said today that Microsoft has a patch. 

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