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Re: Deinochyus and Einosaurus information

Lisa wrote-

> I am not sure if this went through last time but I was wondering if anyone
had any links or other types of
> direction for research on both Deinochyus and Einosaurus.  Very different
types of animals I know but I
> want to learn more about the anatomy and behavior known for each animal
and the habitat these animals
> were found in.  Finally, if there is any evidence that Deinochyus hunted
Einosaurus or cerotopsians in
> general, that would be very helpful.

The names are spelled Deinonychus and Einiosaurus, and the former lived some
35 million years before the latter.  Bambiraptor and a Dromaeosaurus
relative lived alongside Einiosaurus, but were probably too small to
effectively hunt it.  An unnamed primitive neoceratopsian was
contemporaneous with Deinonychus, but is only known from teeth.

Mickey Mortimer